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Project Brief:

The activities of the Church had outgrown their existing spaces and required expanded banquette facilities, new kitchen and storage facilities, a memorial gallery, a meditation courtyard, relocated parish garages, new-home-schooling student classrooms, an expanded Chapel, Nave and Church. The project was developed into two phases; one for construction of the banquet facility and classrooms and the second for adding the new Chapel space and renovation of the Nave and Church. The building expansion is supported with development of larger and renovated parking areas surrounded by contemplating gardens and outdoor open area festival space. The Church organized a building committee and was integral in developing he design program encompassing all the necessary functions, needs and future growth.

Unique entrance forms were developed to lead you to the important elements and uses of the building. The contemporary wood veneer panels used as fa├žade accents were specifically kept to those main elements of the two building wings and the future Reconciliation Rooms that form the boundary of the Chapel. These accents and the masonry veneer lend a contemporary feel to the Church.