Our Process


Stucky Vitale Architects and our consultants strive for excellence in design and engineering solutions. We have a team of professionals dedicated solely to the unique challenges posed by facility design and engineering. Teamwork is paramount.

We consider the design process to be a journey, in which teamwork, collaboration, communication, relationships and shared vision are critical. Our goal is to not only to create beautiful and successful projects but to foster and maintain the shared passion and vision that make the journey rewarding for the whole team.

Our Design Process - A number of objectives are identified: The site and regional architectural history, the culture and traditions of the client and site all come first. We begin with a study of these inherent factors, while we build relationships and establish the needs of the client and project program. The place where the two come together forms the starting point for our design process. Whether the mutually arrived design solution is traditional or contemporary, it should be culturally and contextually relevant. This is the authentic response that we strive for. The next steps are creating a shared vision, through image analysis or charrette, a sharing of ideas, a brainstorming session set within the context of the site and team. It is a tested, honest, exhilarating, exhausting, and unbelievably productive way to establish a shared vision for the project. Our relationships and experience with both local and national engineering teams and specialty consultants are integrated through the entire design process, our consultants are seamlessly integrated and are part of our team.


Perhaps our greatest strength is in creating and maintaining the original project vision. As leaders for the team's shared vision for the project, we guide that vision through the design process as we address known and unanticipated challenges, take advantage of opportunities and meet the needs of the project program.


Getting it built. With five decades of experience and countless constructed projects, we appreciate the critical role that expertly executed construction documents and hands-on communication play in the success of a project. Whether we are providing full architectural services, conceptual design, feasibility studies or teaming with an architect-of-record half-way around the world, the relationships, trust, and dialogue we establish within our design and development team allow us to successfully lead each project through to completion.

We pride ourselves on effective communication, careful listening, and outstanding service. An integrative approach with collaboration from all parties involved from the onset encourages creative design thinking and problem seeking. Our design excellence stems from our team's multidisciplinary ability to uncover, research, observe, define, visualize, ideate, experiment, and critique all facets of the project at hand culminating in a set of solutions that respond effectively to a projects parameters, scheduling, and budgetary constraints.

Our team's commitment to the research and development of design strategies and solutions is a strategic part of our business. Our continued success depends upon progressive design and engineering as evidenced by the following influences.

  • Continued research of various publications respected in the design community
  • Engaging regulating departments, authorities, and industry leaders and working closely with them
  • Participating in conferences, seminars, and retreats related to the construction industries
  • Sustainable awareness through self-directed LEED research and education activities
  • Careful selection of engineers and consultants with professional design experience
  • Significant involvement in ASHRAE including HVAC standards development for various facilities
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