Specialized Service + Creative Design Solutions = Memorable Experience

Specialized Service + Creative Design Solutions = Memorable Experience

SVA has an expansive and unique range of experience in architecture, master planning, programming, healthcare planning, space planning, and interior design that spans from healthcare, hospitality, corporate offices, municipal facilities, industrial, multi-family, and multi-use buildings of any size and scale.

54+ Years of Experience

Over the past 54 years, Stucky Vitale has established a reputation for excellence and leadership in the architectural planning and design of healthcare facilities, hospitality, senior living, industrial facilities, educational, retail centers, restaurants, hotels & resorts, religious, office & work place, multi-family residential, urban mixed-use projects as well as conceptual/feasibility studies and branding development.


We pride ourselves in creating unique spaces for our clients which are timeless, sustainable, flexible, memorable and economical; spaces which ultimately represent the clients vision and overall image.  Resulting in a final product that is more the client's design and less SVA's.


SVA Core Values


SVA continuously strives to deliver innovative and creative design solutions into every project.


SVA continues to raise the standard of architecture through inspiration, motivation, and education, while also encouraging individual growth.


SVA is dedicated to deliver an excellent, consistent, and innovative work product of the highest quality.


SVA provides and encourages a collaborative, enjoyable work environment that respects the diversity, talents, and professional aspirations of our team and clients.


SVA is commited to providing reliable, purposeful and consistent service to every client, built on communication.


Proven Leadership

Stucky Vitale Architects and our consultants strive for excellence in design and creative engineering solutions. We have a team of professionals dedicated solely to the unique challenges posed by facility design and engineering. Teamwork and communication are paramount.

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